Privacy Policy

Tension Graphics AB
Trotzgatan 29
791 72 Falun

Organisation number: 556577-4725
Phone: +46 (0)23 298 55

Tension Graphics AB would like you to supply us with certain information about yourself to the company. We would like to process and store personal information about yourself as part of your application to the education PlaygroundSquad in order to ascertain that you are an eligible applicant as well as so that we may contact you when needed to complete your application.

The personal information we intend to collect and process is your name, national insurance number, email address, birthdate, gender, address, phone number, as well as details about any previous education you've had.

You decide whether you want to provide any information to us. The information will only be processed and viewed within the company as well as by our industry advisors. Anonymised data may be disclosed to external recipients such as companies in the games industry orĀ education authorities of the state. If your application is accepted and we choose to admit you, we will also publicly publish your name on our website.

In accordance with paragraph 26 of the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998:204) you have the right to, free of charge and once yearly, be informed of what personal information we are storing for you and how we are processing/treating it after sending us a signed written application. You also have the right, under paragraph 28 of the Swedish Personal Data Act, request rectification in regards to the personal information we store and process about you.

As part of your application signup, you agree to let Tension Graphics AB handle personal information about yourself in accordance with the above.